(updated ) Evia Fire – Still uncontrolled heartbreaking images at present coming from the area

Euboea declared a state of emergency because of the fire (EUROKINISSI / MICHALIS KARAGIANNIS)

Euboea was declared a state of emergency because of the raging fire, and according to information, our country was requested by the European Civil Protection Mechanism to use aerial fire fighting equipment.

The fire in Evia is raging uncontrollably and flames have now reached and destroyed homes in the village of Makrymali.

According to the fire department, the large fire has damaged houses in the village of Makrymali while flames are around the villages of Kontodespoti and Stavros.


It is recalled that all three villages were evacuated at the behest of the Fire Brigade and the residents were transported to a safe place with the assistance of the Police.

Flames from the great fire are heading south, southwest and superhuman efforts are being made by the powerful fire brigades to halt its course.

The flames circled the Makrymalis village just before 15:00 and started burning the first houses. The problem is that the houses are scattered among pine trees. While the bells of the village church were ringing and informing about the danger.

The Prime Minister hurried to Athens
Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis returned to Athens from Crete, where he was on holiday for a few days, and will visit the Unified Coordination Center for Operations of the Fire Department at 18:30.
At the same time, Minister of the Interior Takis Theodorikakos goes to Makrymali Psachna.

Earlier, the Secretary-General for Civil Protection ordered two villages to be evacuated. These are the villages of Makrymalli and Kontodpotoi, and shortly after 16:00 the village of Stavros was ordered to evacuate.

The moment when the village of Kontospati is being evacuated
The despair is painted on the face of the resident who is called to leave his house as the flames reach the village of Kontodespoti.

Despair and despair. Flames circulate the village Kontodespoti / Photo: EUROKINISSI / MICHALIS KARAGIANNIS

Speaking earlier to the SKAF, a spokesman for the Fire Brigade said there had previously been organized public information and although there was no immediate threat, it was thought it would be better for residents to leave the village for security reasons.

Firefighters are trying to extinguish a tree that is burning outside a house

The fiery giant burns Euboea
However, some residents refused to leave and insisted on staying there to save their belongings. They were eventually forced by the police to leave, as their lives were at risk.

Fire Spokesman: Flames in Evia reach 30 meters
Spokesman for Fire Basil Vathrakogiannis speaking at 16:00 on SKAI television said the fire in Euboea was in progress and had already covered a 10-11km route passing through the villages of Makrymalli, Kontodendri and Stavros. Emphasizing the enormous difficulties firefighters face during the fire, he referred to the large high thermal load, while stressing that flames exceed 24 meters and reach 30 meters.

Concerning the course of the fire, he said, “At this moment, it is following a south-southwest direction and is heading for Kyparissi and Drosia. They are villages, not densely populated. The fire is located north of Psachna and is in a dense forest, so it has a lot of smoke that has reached Attica. ”

The priority is not to put any man at risk
At the same time, Vassilis Vathrakogiannis stressed that “so far no house has been reported damaged, some infrastructure damaged and, most importantly, no human has been affected. That is our priority, so that not one person is in danger. ”

300 residents were moved to a safe spot in Psachna
Just before 4 pm About 300 residents of the villages Makrymalli and Kontodpotoi were transported to Psachna safely by city and army buses.

The evacuation of Kontodospati village “was deemed necessary as the fire reached the outskirts of the settlement but no houses had been burnt so far,” district councilor Dimitris Vourdanos told RES. He added that “only one depot has been burned but the fire fighting forces are lined up to fight a separate battle to stop the devastating fire and prevent it from entering the settlement.” In the village of Makrymalli, the fire reached the first houses but there are no reports of building damage.

More than 200 firefighters on fire in Evia
The firefighting forces that are trying to set fire to Evia are constantly increasing. According to the latest information, a total of 227 firefighters are operating on fire with 75 vehicles, 7 hiking teams, the OLYMPOS Mobile Business Center, 6 A / S, 5 S / P, & 1 S / P as Coordinator. Details of ground forces: 139 firefighters with 67 vehicles, 7 hiker groups with 72 firefighters & 6 vehicles with 12 # firefighters MEPP. Combined 2 groups of hikers in the US, 8 project machines as well and 10 District and Local Waterways.

As for the strong air forces, they have a great deal of difficulty mainly from dense smoke, so they do not allow pilots to get too close to the hotspots for best results.

In the area of ​​Forensic Fire Brigade – Open possibility of arson
Early in the morning the Forensic Fire Department is in the area and has begun an investigation into the start of the fire as authorities in the area leave open the possibility of arson both about the time the fire broke out and where it started.

Source – iefimerida.gr

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