but only recently we described them in detail on cutting our pie … ..

… .. We particularly emphasize the legitimacy of our adoptions and the actions required during the preparation of the animals because we have to understand the difference of legality and legitimacy .. We believe we have all been informed of the case of seizure of some 40 animals in the port authority Patras, where among the unfortunate animals are 10-12 from our island, promoted to the unknown, by groups of legitimate foreigners, unsolicited saviors and occasional policemen, liaisons and not associations n, which strangely have found arbitrary action area on the island, do not cooperate with the competent committee of the municipality as clearly describe the relevant legislation, and promote strays outwards, performing for themselves the Greek legislation …
As a club, we find it impossible for these groups to cooperate with our wise veterinarians on the island with regard to the unlawful journey of the documentation of the adoptions, which, moreover, was the reason for confiscating all the animals, ours and the 20 that came from neighboring Zakynthos by the competent prosecutor Patras, while pointing out that the animals have been promoted to Zakynthos, are housed in private, their passports have been confiscated, thoroughly investigated the incident and the persons involved, and our information is because they will try to find paths to create conditions of real adoption for our own animals, a case that, as you can see, we will follow it with great interest and attention.
It is noteworthy that the carrier who was arrested a while ago in an interview with a patriarchal form was bragging about the 7500 adoption of animals from our island and Zakynthos, which she had carried with her fleet of privately owned cars and its numerous employees in Europe’s balloons !!!!
Of course we wonder how many of these animals have been promoted from our island, because they have not been declared to our Municipality that these animals are housed and housed, who make their papers and prepare them, that the numbers of the chips are stated, how and by whom are transport costs paid and in which countries are bank accounts kept, how much is the cost of each adoption, what are the foster families abroad, if there is monitoring for those adopted by these families …
Questions that we believe will receive their answers to the research that will be conducted, and legitimacy will definitively replace legitimacy !!! We hope that our animals will be returned and taken back by those who promoted them for adoption to get to know them and of course to inform every citizen of our islands and to be available to any service he wants to check for the legality of their actions and their financial transactions … ..

From fb of the Doris club

reproduced from -kefaloniamagazine.gr -original source FB of Doris – ARK