Updated Pictures from Halkidiki caused by last nights devastating Storms

Halkidiki, the next day after bad weather: It looks like bombed landscape, incongruous images

Fallen tree on a car -Photo: INTIMENEWS / MOYSIADIS GIANNIS
Shocking are pictures that come to light with the first day’s light from the lethal bad weather in Halkidiki.

The bad weather that killed six people , including two children, there is information about the seventh dead and one fisherman is missing .

The whole situation resembles a bombed landscape. Fallen roofs, damaged cars, uprooted trees are some of the incalculable damage to Halkidiki during the summer, revealing that climate change and its consequences are here.

Rthess.gr publishes a series of photographs depicting the situation in the region a few hours after the disaster.

Photo: rthess.gr
Bombed beach landscape in Halkidiki:

Fallen trees from the winds in Halkidiki:

Even roofs have been cut off from the deadly bad weather. In fact, the fall in a restaurant caused the death of a 54-year-old tourist and her child .

Indicative of the destruction is the photo of the uprooted trees.

Greenhouses dissolved in a few seconds, crops uprooted, nothing left standing.

The material damage from the disaster is incalculable.

Nothing at the beach was left standing.

The winds shattered everything, while the sea landed on the land.

Nor did the lighting columns stand upright in front of the wind.

source –  iefimerida.gr 

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