Updates statistics to include specific Kefallinia data

We have updated the charts to reflect number of cases being reported in Kefallinia.

This data is based on a population of 35,000 as indicated in 2011 census and used by most sites analysing covid statistics.

Please note

Personally we do not believe this statistic is accurate at such low population figures it gives a very high standard deviation.

It has further inaccuracies most notably;

  • Greece only publicly provides data on permanent residents in regional breakdown figures, NOT tourists who are grouped into another overall group across Greece.

The UK has already stated it looks at much more including; test positivity rate, trend of cases, medical facilities, number of tests and anecdotal and factual evidence  of travellers returning to UK to base its quarantine decisions on.

However it will provide an easy visual trend of cases in Kefalonia for those interested.




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