Vacations from the “hell” in Corfu: Shocking-shock by Britons for hotel reminiscent of … war zone [images]

The facade of the “hotel” where the couple stayed / Photo: DAILY MAIL
The Internet round has made in the last few hours a serious complaint of British tourists at the hotel corporation , claiming it is a “hole of the hell”.

Mike and Jane Clark claim they have fallen into the trap of low prices as they “closed” all-inclusive holidays – that is, with all meals within the price – two weeks in Corfu, compared with 499 British pounds, including airfares!

Mic, a former military officer, told the Daily Mail that the hotel is in the village of Agios Gordios, it was full of rubbish, and there was not even water.

The picture in front of the hotel / Photo: DAILY MAIL
The Corfu Hotel “reminds me of a war zone”
According to Jane, her husband said the hotel and its surrounding area reminded him of the “war-stricken Bosnia of 1994, where he served”.

In their complaint, they reported that the site reminds and … haunted village / Photo: DAILY MAIL
She told the newspaper that she wanted to leave the Corfu hotel right away.”I’m sick of the place. I can stand without hot water, I’m not a difficult person. But the hotel is essentially closed. All locals make repairs and paint their shops and say the tourist season will begin in two weeks, “he noted.

How it all started
The couple claimed that when they saw on Facebook a holiday all inclusive holiday in Corfu for £ 499 they thought it was “very good to be true.”For this reason, they visited the TUI agency, which offered this package, and asked why the price was so low.

“We were told that this is the first week of the summer season and they try to encourage people to take a break there,” Jane Clarke explained.

The couple also complained that they asked for TUI’s assistance to take them out of this “hole of hell” in Corfu , without having any effect.

They denounced the full seaweed near the hotel / Photo: DAILY MAIL
They pay extra to … leave
According to Jane, the same hotel has left … and other visitors.

“Other tourists are forced to pay 200 pounds each to return to our homeland today. So bad is this place. Two Girls from Cheshire paid extra to make a flight to come back, “he said.In conclusion, Jane Clarke said that “these holidays would help us overcome a difficult period of our lives. I was sick last year and more of the stress and distress have intensified the symptoms of my illness. ”

According to the Daily Mail, following their complaint to the Corfu hotel, a TUI spokesman said to the couple the following message:

“We regret the unpleasant experience of Mrs. Clark and Mr Clark on Corfu. We are investigating their complaints and we will soon contact them to resolve the issue. ”

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