Vaccination: April 7 the 4th vaccination appointments “open” for the initial age group

The vaccination appointment platform will gradually open with the second booster dose (4th dose) of the coronavirus vaccine for those over 60 years of age.

In particular, it will open by age decade and the beginning will be on Thursday, April 7 for the 80 and over. Following this the platform for the age group 70-79 will open and the 60-69 age group will follow.

The above was announced by the Secretary General of PHC Marios Themistokleous, during the emergency briefing on the National Vaccination Plan for covid-19 disease, where the recommendation for the 4th vaccination dose against covid-19 for those over 60 years of age was announced after a presentation of the National Vaccination Committee.

Course of vaccinations

To date, 20,590,000 vaccinations have been given against covid-19. In particular, regarding the course of vaccinations, Mr. Themistokleous said that more than 7,894,000 citizens have been vaccinated with one dose, ie 75.2% of the general population and 84.8% of the adult population. The corresponding EU average is 75.1% of the general population and 85.6% of the adult population.
>More than 7,595,000 citizens have completed their vaccination, corresponding to 72.4% of the general population and 81.1% of the adult population. The corresponding EU average is 72.4% of the general population and 83.1% of the adult population.

Regarding the 1st booster dose, Mr. Themistokleous said that the beneficiaries are currently 6,858,000 citizens, a percentage of 90.4% of the completed vaccinations. 5,695,000 vaccinations have already been performed, 83% of the beneficiaries and another 100,000 citizens have scheduled their appointment, a total of 85%.

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