Vaccination – Booster: The booking platform opens on Thursday for those aged over 60

The appointment platform for the delivery of a third dose (booster) of coronavirus vaccine to citizens over 60 years of age and health professionals opens today September 30th . 

The rationale for the vaccination of the above categories is based on the gradual reduction of protective antibodies against coronavirus, which is observed after 6 months and for health professionals in their exposure to the virus.

With the third dose the groups of immunosuppressed people (285,000 citizens) and those living in the Chronic Care Units of the elderly are already vaccinated. In immunocompromised individuals the vaccine may be given up to one month after the second dose.

With which preparation will the third dose be made

The booster dose is not mandatory, so the vaccination is considered complete if two doses or one dose have been given with the single-dose vaccine, and is a strong recommendation to further increase protection.

The list of beneficiaries for the third instalment as soon as six months have elapsed from the date of the second instalment will be updated at regular intervals.

At this stage the vaccine given as a 3rd dose is the Pfizer mRNA vaccine, which is exactly the same as the vaccine used in the basic vaccine. That is, the composition of the vaccine has not been revised due to mutations as it has been shown to be effective in protecting against both serious disease and death and mutations, and especially for the “Delta” which is the predominant one.

Therefore, people who have been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine or Moderna or Astra Zeneca will receive the 3rd dose of Pfizer mRNA vaccine. For people who have been vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, experts are awaiting recommendations. There is a strong possibility that it will be again with either mRNA or the same Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Regarding side effects are, as recorded, the usual simple side effects, ie pain, redness at the injection site and are characterized as milder compared to the side effects from the first or second dose.

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