Vaccination Certificate: Expiry Date in 7 months for everyone over 18 – What the JMC stipulates

In seven months now, the expiration date for the vaccination certificate for  coronavirus  and concerns citizens from 18 years who have not had the third dose of vaccine .

This is provided for in the relevant Joint Ministerial Decision published in Official Gazette.

The measure will start to apply from February 1 meaning that anyone who has not had the third dose of vaccine and was vaccinated over seven months from this date onwards will be considered to be unvaccinated .

According to the Minister of Health Thanos Plevris  this measure concerns about 500,000 citizens who however still have the opportunity to make an appointment for a third installment until February 1.

Those who are not vaccinated with a third dose within 7 months and have only had the two doses of the vaccine will still have access to the European Vaccination Certificate which is valid for 9 months but only applies to travel.
To enter the restaurant and indoor areas they will need to show the valid Greek vaccination certificate.
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