Vaccination: Mandatory immunity wall, summer in seats only and hefty fines in catering

Clarifications on the mandatory vaccination , the new measures in <restaurants  and entertainment venues , but also for which the vaccination control application “Covid Free GR” , which will be used by the stores , will work , were given during the information on Tuesday by the competent ministers. Specifically, the Ministers of Health, Vassilis Kikilias , Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis and Development,  gave details of the government ‘s plan in order to achieve the wall of immunity and to limit, as much as possible, the fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic .

What was announced by the ministers

Details on the way in which the measure of compulsory vaccinations will be applied to health workers and employees in nursing homes were given during the briefing on Tuesday by the Minister of Health Vassilis Kikilias . As he underlined, those welfare workers who do not participate in the vaccination even now will be fired from their jobs without pay , while fines are also provided .

On his part the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis gave clarifications on how to operate the shops restaurants and the entertainment venues , specifying that this summer will be summer ” seated “. He then identified the “hefty” fines provided for offenders. For conscripts in the Armed Forces, he announced that those who do or have done the vaccine will receive a 5-day honorary leave.

The Kyriakos Pierrakakis presented the application « Covid Free GR » through which will be the verification of vaccination certificates for entry of citizens in indoor premises catering and entertainment.


Kikilias: Unpaid leave for anyone who is not vaccinated

Despite the high rate of vaccinations that have been achieved, in the last few days after a long time, the number of Covid-19 cases admitted to hospitals has exceeded 100 per day, said Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias , during today’s government announcements – among other things for the specialization of the measures of compulsory vaccination in the care units of the elderly and people with special needs, but also in the health and other personnel in the private and public hospitals of the country.

As Mr. Kikilias said, by August 16, all employees in the welfare structures should have been vaccinated, at least with the first installment. Otherwise, whoever refuses to be vaccinated , will be called to abstain from work and the payment of their salary will be stopped , the minister stressed.

Each entrant in these units should be fully vaccinated , he said. Kikilias and added that fines for non-compliance with the Regulations is particularly spicily regarding hospice and care for the elderly and disabled. The fines, he explained, start from 50,000 euros and reach up to 200,000 euros .

By September 1st, all employees in the private and public health sectors must have been vaccinated, at least in the first installment , and there will be legislation to replace those who have not been vaccinated by then. 

In fact, as the Minister of Health said, a committee will be set up to judge whether for some health reasons some of the health workers and employees can not be vaccinated. “I recommend to all those who have not been vaccinated, to be vaccinated” concluded the Minister of Health.

Catering: How enclosed spaces in catering will work 

Regarding the indoor areas in the restaurant , the Minister of Development and Investment, Adonis Georgiadis , announced their mode of operation and stressed that only those vaccinated against coronavirus will be able to enter indoor entertainment areas while their capacity will reach 85%.

“The decisions that were made then were based on the cases of that time. Unfortunately, in the interval of two weeks, the image of the pandemic changed and Greece is now written in the press as a country where there is an outbreak of the pandemic. It is a matter of great importance that Greece shows the image of a country that controls the pandemic. “Based on our common interest, the announcements of the prime minister were made yesterday”, Adonis Georgiadis initially stated .

“As for the entertainment and entertainment centers, only seated people are allowed . This summer will be seated. I ask all professionals to observe the measures “, the minister added. Then, Mr. Georgiadis, stressed about the catering and the closed spaces: “From the 16th of July until the 31st of August, the closed spaces will work only for vaccinated and a capacity of 85%”.

Detailed measures

  1. Until August 31, only seated customers will be allowed in all nightclubs.
  2. From July 16, restaurants, cinemas and theaters only for vaccinated with 85% coverage.
  3. Owners of outdoor entertainment businesses can choose either pure or mixed mode.
  4. Sports games only with pure operation. With 25,000 spectators the open fields and 8,000 the closed ones.
  5. Minors in catering and entertainment centers only with self test and parent statement in clean spaces
  6. Throughout the public and private sector, employers have the right to ask employees to say whether they have been vaccinated or not, and with special labeling they will inform citizens about the magnitude of the risk.
  7. Festivals: Only seated
  8. Conscripts and conscripts who will be vaccinated will receive 5 days leave.

Sanctions for stores

  • First violation: For stores under 200sqm 2,000 euros fine and 7 days suspension from the next
  • Over 200sqm. 5,000 euros and 7 days suspension
  • Recurrence: For all regardless of area 10,000 euros fine and 15 days suspension
  • For a third violation 60 days suspension of operating license

How the vaccination certificate control application will work

The “Covid Free GR” application will have three levels of verification, through which the verification of vaccination certificates for the entry of citizens in the interior of catering and entertainment companies will be done .

The application, presented a little earlier by the Minister of Digital Government, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, is available from today, Tuesday, July 13, for mobile phones and tablets with iOS or Android software.

“Covid Free GR” can be installed on any device using iOS or Android software and can be used to verify the European Digital Certificates COVID as well as the Greek certificates of Available for free through the official account of the Hellenic Republic in the App Store and Google Play. The application only shows the name of the certificate holder, while it does not hold or store temporary or permanent personal data or verification history. For the control and verification of the European Digital Certificates COVID no internet connection is required if someone has downloaded it, while for the control of the Greek certificates it is required.


There are three levels of verification:

  1. Green – means that the certificate holder has been vaccinated or infected with COVID and is the indicator that turns on the green light to enter purely vaccinated areas
  2. Yellow – means that the certificate holder has a negative test (rapid or PCR)
  3. Red – means an invalid or invalid certificate.

Regarding the validity of the certificates, it should be noted that:

  • The vaccination certificate is considered valid 14 days from the date of the last dose.
  • The disease certificate is considered valid for up to 6 months after the disease.
  • The Rapid test is considered valid for 48 hours from the sample collection (duration counts from 00.01 from the date of sample collection).
  • The PCR test is valid for 72 hours from the sample collection (duration counts from 00.01 from the date of sample collection).
  • The application is implemented by EDYTE GRNET body of the Ministry of Digital Governance.

As Mr. Pierrakakis pointed out, the application is the key to the implementation of the measures announced today, while its use is extremely simple, as long as someone “downloads” it and with the appearance of a scan of the QR code to pass the mobile above the certificate whether it is in paper or digital format to see the result. 

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