Vaccination plan change – Thoughts over the age of 65 not to get the AstraZeneca vaccine

There are ongoing meetings about the progress of vaccinations by government and experts, while the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine for those over 65 is under investigation in collaboration with scientists, as its effectiveness is questioned.

This is expected to lead to a change in the vaccination plan for this particular vaccine, from which we are expected to receive more than 200,000 doses by March.

The vaccine will be given to islanders under the age of 65 and frontline professionals
It is being considered for those under 65 years of age and the planning for this particular vaccine has geographical and professional criteria. It could, according to the discussions so far, be used for vaccinations on islands where they are carried out horizontally or to include in the vaccination plan those who serve in security forces or workers in frontline professions, who come in contact with large groups of the population.


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