Vaccinations increase speed – New centers are created, vaccinations 7 days a week until midnight

The vaccination of the population against covid-19 is “running” at a fast pace , immediately after the scheduled stop for Easter day.

As of yesterday, crowds of people are flocking to the vaccination centers of the country again in order to “build” the desired wall of immunity that will allow the gradual return to normalcy. It is noted that from Easter Monday, the restaurant reopens after 6 months , while in the immediate future other restrictions are expected to be a thing of the past.

The third phase of the “Freedom” operation
This month, the third phase of Operation Freedom begins. That is why from tomorrow, May 5, the capacity of the system will increase with the development of a total of 1,500 vaccination centers, aiming to get up to 2.5 million vaccinations and in June up to 4 million vaccinations. The goal is also for the vaccination centers to operate on a 7-day basis until midnight.

It is recalled that now citizens  30-39 years old  (with the AstraZeneca vaccine) are vaccinated, 40-44 (with the AstraZeneca vaccine), 45-49 with all vaccines, citizens over 50 years old, citizens with underlying diseases at high and increased risk , health workers and general education teachers. According to officials of the Ministry of Health, in the first days of May we will know exactly when all the vaccines will be available for the age group of  40-44  years.

“Operation Freedom is moving fast, always with safety and respect for the citizens. “Now, all citizens over the age of 30 can make an appointment,” Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias said yesterday .

How many vaccines will we receive in the next two months?
In relation to deliveries for the next two months, Pfizer will deliver 2,150,000 installments in May and 2,425,000 in June. From Moderna we will receive 354,000 in May and 308,000 in June. From Johnson & Johnson, 300,000 installments in May, 960,000 installments in June. AstraZeneca has not yet confirmed deliveries for the next two months. We expect a number of installments of 450,000-500,000 for each month.

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