Vaccine registration process (with AMKA)

The government has confirmed that Covid-19 vaccination appointments will be via the system of “intangible prescriptions” (e-prescriptions), which you will have to register for on the government’s website (link below). There are two digital ways to register, but the easiest is through your TaxisNet, which will require you to have your tax ‘username’ and ‘password’ and be registered for ‘AMKA’ and have your AMKA number *. If you do not already have your tax username and password, your accountant will be able to help.

The details of how to apply are explained in the following link. You will require to have a PDF reader on your computer to open this file. If you do not have a PDF reader you can download free software via the internet.

Link to guidance on registration (in English)

Link to government website to register

Once you have registered and the government system for vaccination appointments activates, you will receive a message on your mobile phone/email with a predetermined day, time and location of the vaccination centre for your appointment. At this stage you can accept the appointment, or ask for another date and time. The European Medicines Agency is meeting on December 21 to approve the Pfizer/BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine, so it is unlikely you will receive details of an appointment until after that date. Appointments will also depend on your level of priority in the vaccination process.

If you are unable to register digitally, then alternatively you will be able to go to a pharmacy, where the pharmacist will enter the form and will book the appointment that suits you.

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