Vaccine: The platform for the appointments of the elderly opens – The whole process

The platform for citizens over 85 opens tomorrow. Vaccination in nursing homes will be completed by January 20. How to schedule an appointment and the vaccination process.

It is estimated that more than 100,000 people in this age group will be vaccinated. On January 20, the first phase of the “Freedom” project is completed with the vaccination of the public and private health sector, which started on January 4.

Also, by January 20, the process of vaccination of guests and employees in nursing homes, chronic care units and rehabilitation centers will be completed. About 120,000 people are expected to be vaccinated. As of yesterday, Saturday, January 9, 40,163 people had been vaccinated with the first dose of the vaccine. The goal is to vaccinate 220,000 people by the end of the month, having secured for them the second dose of the Pfizer vaccine. 

Check criteria before scheduling an appointment

The citizen will be able to check if he belongs to some of the priority groups in the following ways: 

By entering the AMKA and its name on the website and the web / mobile application. 

By sending a text message (SMS) to the 5-digit code for exclusive use (13034).  

Appointment Scheduling 

If he is enrolled in the intangible prescription he will automatically receive a message and all he has to do is confirm the appointment:

After connecting with TAXIS data on the website 

Confirming the proposed appointment via text message (SMS) to the 5-digit exclusive use code 13034.  

For citizens who are not familiar with the technological means, by visiting the KEP or pharmacies. 

The citizen will receive the unique appointment code-number, as well as the QR Code, depending on the way the appointment is scheduled. It is noted that through the application of appointments, the repeated vaccination is planned at the same time. 

Vaccination Appointment Reminder 

Three days before the date of the appointment, the citizen will receive an email and SMS reminder for the day and time of the appointment along with a link to the website that has appropriate general preparation instructions (eg not to have a fever, to have the code, etc.), but also special instructions depending on the vaccine to be used. 


The citizen gives the appointment code-number or the QR Code and the identification element (identity card, passport, etc.) to the staff of the Vaccination Centers. The staff, utilizing the appointment application on the tablets, will scan the QR Code or will search for the appointment based on the code-number and will confirm it. 

The required pre-vaccination questionnaire will then be answered, which will include both general and specific questions depending on the vaccine to be administered. Based on the answers to the questions, and after the doctor evaluates the clinical picture, he decides whether to proceed with the vaccination and to make a prescription. The Vaccination Center also registers in the electronic application the details of the vaccine packaging, which was used for the vaccination of the citizen. In this way, the process of traceability and pharmacovigilance is enhanced. Finally, the application informs the doctor about the date and time of the recurrence of the vaccine.

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