Vasilakopoulos: 4th dose of vaccine for everyone – Initially for those over 60, may be approved next month

The professor of Pulmonology, Theodoros Vasilakopoulos, commenting on the increased cases of coronavirus , spoke about the 4th dose of vaccine.

Speaking to Mega, Mr. Vasilakopoulos stressed, among other things, that “three to 4 months after the 3rd dose you have about 40-50% chance of getting sick, but if you get sick you have about 15% chance of getting seriously ill and going to the hospital”.

He added that “lately a big problem that has existed has been that because of the war, there has been accuracy, and in conjunction with the lifting of the mask requirement outdoors, our fellow citizens have been given the wrong signal that the pandemic is over. In large percentages in the country we have its sub-stem micron, the micron 2, and an outbreak of cases. I do not think we will go to a classic 5th wave for many reasons, initially due to rising temperatures, and at the same time in the country we acquire population immunity but not in the ideal way. “We do not persuade people to go and get vaccinated.”

The 4th dose of the vaccine will be given to everyone
We must learn to live with the virus, we must learn to be careful, not to consider the phrase “individual responsibility” a joke. “The 4th installment will be given to everyone. “Initially for citizens over 60, it may be approved within the next month when the updated vaccine of Moderna and Pfizer comes out” added Mr. Vasilakopoulos.

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