Vassilis Kekatos From Kefalonia: The first Greek director to win the Golden Phoenix for Short Film

Golden Finikas for Best Short Film was awarded today to Greek director Vasilis Kakato for his fourth film “The Distance between Sky and Us” at the 72nd Cannes Festival. 

Vassilis Kakatos is the first Greek director to win the Cannes Short-finned Golden Phoenix. 

His film managed to stand out among the 11 films that competed for the coveted prize in a total of 4,240 films from around the world. 

The case concerns two unknown young men who meet late at night on a forgotten gas station on the old National Road. One has stopped to put gasoline in his engine. The other has run out there. To return to Athens is missing 22.50 euros. Just how much the distance separates them from the sky.

The talented director began to distract the eyes of the artistic space with “Anadromos” and the Drama Festival, while his journey continued with the “Zero Star Hotel”, which was distinguished in the 15 best of the world in the Sundance Ignite contest. 

He was internationally recognized with his film “The silence of the fish when they die”, which was twice awarded at the Drama Festival (Best Southeast European Film, Special Committee Award) and Premiere Nights (Male Performance for Andreas Konstantinou, Best Film) .

Following the successful course of his film, “The silence of the fish when they die”, which took part in the contest of the Locarno and Santanas Festival, Vasilis Kekatos arrived at the official competition section of the Cannes Film Festival, where he was the great winner of the category.


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