Victoria’s bad weather: Landslides and tons of mud in Kefalonia’s villages

Landslides and floods caused by bad weather “Victoria” in Kefalonia /source – FB post of Anastasios Nezeritis

The bad weather “Victoria”, besides its strong passage from Corfu, caused huge problems in Kefalonia as well.

Most, in the village of Nifi, where rocks from landslides and tons of mud from the mountain have reached the village. Bifi and Aghia Efimia had huge problems at night due to a severe thunderstorm, with four homes damaged, and the fire department received several calls to evacuate residents. Falari has also been closed due to bad weather, with the area reminiscent of a biblical disaster, as local media report, while members of Civil Protection are on foot all night. However, it is not possible to accurately estimate the damage to the areas.

Torrent has been created by the downpour in the villages of Kefalonia / Photo: kefaloniapress

Huge problems in Corfu due to “Victoria”
Victoria has already caused a lot of problems in western Greece, as the Ionian Islands – and in particular Corfu – are facing severe flooing, landslides and flooding problems, along with the 9 windswept blowing in the area. That’s why schools will remain closed , and there are serious problems in Kefalonia as well. The phenomena in Attica are expected to be intense during the day as announced by the meteorological service.
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