Video of more horrendous flooding in Crete yesterday

The problems were particularly acute in eastern Crete . Featured video by drone, who recorded the situation in Sitia, which “sank” from long hours of rainfall.

Εικόνες Καταστροφής (06-04-2019)FILM EDIT John DrakakisΕΝΑ ΜΕΓΑΛΟ ΕΥΧΑΡΙΣΤΩ εκ μέρους ΟΛΩΝ ΜΑΣ Σητεία – Εικόνες Καταστροφής 06-04-2019Μπράβο στην Αστυνομία,την ΕΔΕΑΚ,τον Ερυθρό Σταυρό,την Πυροσβεστική,τη ΔΕΗ,τους αρμόδιους του Δήμου και σε κάθε πολίτη που βοήθησε στη σημερινή κατάσταση.

Gepostet von John Drakakis am Samstag, 6. April 2019

The rivers bloated, the sea came into the … land, and the water dragged away what it found in its passage, flooding houses, shops, greenhouses and crops. Problems have also been caused to the road network due to landslides and subsidence. Indeed, in some areas the transportation was done by boats .

The fire brigade was necessary many times, as it had to do rescue operations, as people rode on rooftops to escape from the level of dangerously rising waters. In total, the fire brigade was called to transport 23 people safely, 11 to Sitia, 11 to Pilalimata in Lassithi and a driver who was driving in the area of ​​Tzermiado Lasithi and was trapped in his car.

Today, local rains are expected in Crete, according to the NMS forecast . However, the weather will show a new deterioration from the evening.

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