Video: The cave in Melissani, Kefalonia, simply leaves you speechless

A unique geological phenomenon of unparalleled beauty

Kefalonia is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful islands of the Ionian, giving us dozens of reasons to visit it. Its beaches, its natural beauty and its good cuisine are some of them. 
The Melissani cave, however, is in itself a very powerful reason for someone who is thinking of visiting the island.

The Melissani Lagoon, located 2 km northwest of Sami in Kefalonia, is a special geological phenomenon. 

The cave was discovered by John Petrocheilos in 1951. The natural entrance of the cave is vertical and was created by the fall of a section of the roof. 

However, there is also an artificial entrance with stairs that allows the visit to the cave. 

The lake, located in the cave, is about 160 m long and its depth ranges from 10 m to 40 m. 

In the center of the lake there is a small island, on which finds were found which certify the cult function of the cave as, in antiquity, the prehistoric inhabitants worshiped God Panna and the presence of female figures, the known Nymphs. That is why the Melissani Cave is also called Cave of the Nymphs. 

The Melissani Cave or Cave of the Nymphs, therefore, is undoubtedly one of the most impressive of Greece and is a live advertisement of Kefalonia and of our entire country abroad.

For this reason, the following video has become viral worldwide, as it captures the beauty of the cave to the maximum. 

Anyone who visits the cave can enjoy the spectacular spectacle of the stalactites, which have been there for more than 20,000 years, the crystal blue turquoise waters and the sunlight, all of which make up a result of unparalleled beauty. 
In this cave, one has the opportunity to enjoy a unique and unprecedented boating experience, as the imposing atmosphere that exists there can be the most “difficult” visitor 
The months that one can visit the cave of Melissani is from May to October.

This cave is an absolute paradise

This cave is an absolute paradise

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