Vigilance for the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Zakynthos, Kefalonia & Ithaca || Strict controls at entry – exit gates and quarantine application for incoming foreigners

  • ” Vigilance of the law enforcement bodies is requested for controls at the entry-exit ports and in permanent centers of gathering of citizens”

  • ” The appeal to the Medical Associations for the sparing issuance of travel certificates for health reasons is imperative”

  • ” Application of the 14-day quarantine especially in the case of those entering from the border checkpoints of Kakavia and Evzoni according to the Government Gazette 1154 / 24.03.2021″

A set of measures and dispersion avoidance actions coronavirus (COVID-19) , the Regional Units of Cephalonia and Ithaca and Zakynthos , have as their object the working meeting held via teleconference on the initiative of the Region of Ionian Islands Rodi Kratsa-Tsagaropoulou and Antiperifereiarchi Civil Protection Nikos Miliotis .

The head of the Ionian Islands Region, in her inaugural statement, described the moments we are experiencing as critical for the Ionian Islands and the health of the citizens, calling for vigilance, coordination, cooperation and strict adherence to measures to overcome the problem, protect health and obtain an image of a safe destination in view of the beginning of the tourist season.

” I ask for your personal and service vigilance and cooperation to defuse the crisis and we will spend the Spring safely. Everyone is watching us. Tour agents and Embassies contact me. We have no choice but to prove that we can safely move on to the next day. It is important now to record the weaknesses of the system of implementation of measures and the requests of the institutions in order to transfer them to the competent centers and to launch solutions “ said Rodi Kratsa .

It was decided within the next ten days to organize actions and actions:

  • With Kyllini as a reference point as a gateway for Zakynthos and Kefalonia-Ithaca, to intensify the controls and to request from the competent authorities written instructions and the possibility of conducting a rapid test at sea .

  • To “run” an awareness and information campaign of the citizens with social messages that will be shown through the television and radio stations, the newspapers and sites that have a reach in the Ionian Islands.

  • Mobilization of active citizens and Volunteer Groups of Zakynthos through the Civil Protection Offices, providing them with printed material to the citizens.

  • A call will be made to the Ionian Municipalities to assist in any way the controls, information and prevention for the safety of the citizens.

Also, reports were made on the application of the 14-day quarantine especially in the case of workers in international land transport, who enter from the border checkpoints of Kakavia and Evzoni in accordance with the provisions of Government Gazette 1154 / 24.03.2021 on the imposition of measures of temporary restriction of land, air and sea connections of the country, the ban on entry into the country of third-country nationals other than the countries of the European Union and the Schengen Agreement and the sampling and temporary restriction of persons entering from abroad to the rest of the world .

The Deputy Regional Heads of PE participated in the working meeting. Kefallinias & Ithaca Stavros Travlos , P.E. Zakynthos George Stasinopoulos , Finance and Culture Katerina Mothoneou , the Regional Coordinator of Civil Protection of the Ionian Islands Antonis Sourvinos , representatives of the Hellenic Police, the Coast Guard and the Fire Brigade, the General Directorate of Public Affairs, the General Directorate Care P.E. Kefallinia & Ithaca and Zakynthos, the Commander of the General Hospital of Zakynthos, the Deputy Head of the Independent Directorate of Civil Protection and the Heads of the Department of Civil Protection P.E. Kefallinia & Ithaca and Zakynthos

The Deputy Regional Head for Social Cohesion, Public Health and Employment, Costas Zorbas, also called for the intensification of the efforts to comply with the health protocols, pointing out that “we must be careful. The heavy burden falls on all of us. It is the period when contracts are concluded, when decisions will be made about which areas will be opened, how they will be opened. We have kept the Ionian at good levels through the campaign that started last year at the start of the pandemic. Our image is spoiled. We must not faint. “Now we need to intensify measures and vigilance.”

The Deputy Regional Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Miliotis, made a special mention of Zakynthos, addressing elected, military and service officials, stating “I know that it is a difficult area, difficult after Athens and I say it for the sake of knowledge. It is not possible for us to receive the information that something is happening next to the square and those who should know it should do what they do not see. We ask for awareness of these citizens, who at the expense of the society of Zakynthos and at the expense of their health do what they want without thinking about the consequences. You have to be fully vigilant and determined because people can die and we have an obligation to prevent it. “

Closing the discussion, the Regional Governor stated “The case of health certificates to facilitate movement is serious and should be appealed to the Medical Associations due to the observed ease of issuing health certificates to facilitate the movement of people to and from the islands.”

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