Visitor Information When Visiting Ainos National Park

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Subject: Informing visitors to the Ainos National Park about the conditions of transit within the protected area.

The protected area of ​​the Aino National Park attracts a great number of visitors every year, especially during the summer months, who have the opportunity to come in contact with its highly protected objects.

The debt of the Ainos National Forest Management Authority and the Kefallinia Forestry Division is to ensure the protection and conservation of the protected areas of the area. This guarantee is ensured by the observation by the visitors of the terms of the Operating Regulations, which apply to the area.

On the occasion of recent incidents of violation of the terms of the above Rules of Operation and their publication in local media, the Ainos National Forest Management Authority, together with the Department of Forests of Kefallinia, recalls that the Operating Regulations applicable to the Ainos National Park include, inter alia, the following:

• Entry and stay within the Forest is allowed from sunrise to sunset. 

• It is forbidden:
• The camp (caravans, tents, etc.). 
• The movement of vehicles outside the existing road network. 
• The dumping of garbage in addition to existing waste receptacles and generally the pollution of the site. 
• Photographing for commercial use. 
• It is forbidden to transport cutting tools and any form of vegetation damage (eg cutting of trees and shrubs, uprooting and harvesting of plants and seeds, etc.).

In addition, visitors to the Ainos National Park area will also have to comply with the prohibition provisions issued by the local authorities and as follows:

According to the 51828 / 19-04-2019 Forest Police Regulation – Prohibition of Transport of Forest Products and Aromatic Products of the Forestry Department of Kefalonia it is stated that: “the collection of oregano but also of any other kind, aromatic and pharmaceutical – bee plant, up to 500 g is allowed. per person for home use and only during July – August. The collection for trade is allowed upon approval by the Forestry Authority. Otherwise, the quantities are considered to be illegal and the holder and the carrier will be seized and will be prosecuted in accordance with the provisions in force. “

The Deputy Chief of the HEs Kefallinia & Ithaca in the summer period issues decisions to ban the circulation of vehicles and excursionists in the Ainos National Park when the level of hazard according to the fire risk prediction map issued by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection is level 3 or above.

The staff of the Management Body is daily in the protected area informing visitors about any relevant issue and guiding them accordingly. Please contact the visitors, as well as any economic operators operating in the area, to achieve the protection of the area.

More information is available from the offices of the Ainos National Forest Management Agency.

The Director of Forests

Anna Lytra 

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of 
the Ainos National Forest Management Agency 
Dr. Georgios Drakatos 
Research Director of the 
National Observatory of Athens

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