Vlahata School Celebrations Today

It was nice to go to the Vlahata (Lourdas) school celebrations today to mark the Greek Independence day celebration weekend culminating on 25th March Greek bank holiday.

Vlahata school playground certainly has some privaliged views 

But what makes our life here in Greece and today so special is the continued celebration of Greece, its people and its history, the play was amazing and well acted marking the historical events that led to Greek independence from the Turkish nation and passing this information to all the generations in Greece, then in the playground the children performing Greek national dances they have been taught and enjoy.

It just made us think with all the Brexit issues at present blaming the EU for many things ,this school having several (foreign!) students including our daughter were happily and rightly celebrating the Greek way of life, history and culture today without the need for any further political correctness thoughts.

Long may it continue……


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