Volos: Death in the heat of a dog – Locked him in a car that the sun hit!

A martyr’s death found a dog that his owner had locked in his car on a side street of PATHE Almyros under desert temperatures.

When Police and Fire opened the car, they carried it without a sensation to a veterinarian, where he simply found that the animal was dead.

The 47-year-old Greek owner of the car, apparently the dog, is also seeking to be arrested for violating special criminal laws, including animal legislation.

According to magnesianews.gr, the Police was informed at 12.15 yesterday afternoon about a car parked on a highway junction at the Almyros Motorway Service Station, in which a dog was at a time when the temperatures were too high .

The police officers went on the spot, spotted the car and found that the dog was in and locked. They immediately called for the help of firemen at the Drimona stadium, who went to the spot, opened the car and found that the unfortunate animal did not have its senses.

International organizations underline that the dog may die in just six minutes if left in a car during a hot day. And death is martyrdom.

If a dog’s internal temperature exceeds 41 ° C, there is a risk of a heart attack, of which only 50% of dogs survive. Some breeds are more sensitive than others: big dogs, short-sighted dogs such as bulldogs and boxers, and dogs with overweight or oblong dogs are at greater risk, but each dog suffers and is at risk from the heat.

You do not have to have extreme heat out to do this. For example, when the outside temperature is 22 ° C, the interior of a car can easily reach 47 ° C within one hour of sun exposure.

When a dog starts to overheat, its heart rate will increase and the capillaries on the skin will expand. He also tries to eliminate heat through the mucous membranes in the mouth and nose and can lick his body to cool it.

Unlike humans, dogs can not sweat. And as the heat rises, the physical functions begin to collapse.

source -newsit.gr

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