Vote of confidence by British tourists in Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos

High demand for travel to the Ionian Islands from Great Britain for the 2022 season.

British tourists who managed to travel for a short time this year but are preparing to “compensate” their favourite destinations next tourist season show their true devotion to the Ionian Islands in practice .

Airlines and tour operators announce new seats, already increased, to Corfu, Kefalonia and Zakynthos. The statistics are revealing and show that despite the few months that British tourists have been able to travel abroad, they have not forgotten the three islands.
The 2021 season started coming just after mid-July with their last arrivals ending in October. In total, arrivals, according to official figures from the three international airports, amounted to about 320,000 Britons, while in 2019 are estimated at about one million.

177,000 tourists from Britain visited Corfu this year, compared to more than half a million in 2019. 86,000 Britons went to Zakynthos last summer, instead of about 360,000 in 2019, while 56,000 visited Kefalonia this year instead of 200,000 in 2019.

New seats from Newcastle and Bristol airports

A few days ago, and Jet2holidays announced that they have added additional seats for the summer of 2022 for Greece from Newcastle and Bristol airports. The increase comes in response to “strong demand” from airline and tour operator customers. More specifically, additional itineraries to Kefalonia from Newcastle from July 26 to August 30, 2022 and new itineraries to Zakynthos from July 27 and August 30, 2022 will be added.

New routes to Corfu will also be added from July 25 to August 29, 2022. New routes to Kefalonia will be added from Bristol Airport from May 26 to September 22, 2022. The CEO of the two companies Steve Heapy in his statements confirmed the high demand for summer 22, stressing that many customers have missed their vacation in the last two years and most want to book in advance and give themselves something to look forward to in the future.

EasyJet is moving in the same direction, which has massively increased its presence in Turkey, the Canary Islands and Greece and secured additional seats for its aircraft, from its great rival British Airways at Gatwick Airport. The capacity in Greece for 2022 has increased by 23% and reaches 360,000 seats. The airline had a fleet of 308 aircraft on September 30, compared to 342 a year earlier.

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