Waikiki Colour Festival 9th August 2019 Review of FB Feedback

Waikiki Colour Festival 9th August 2019

Social media interest has been high for the event this year which brings a mixed bag of positives and negatives which is too be expected in the modern age, however today in our opinion we are at a tipping point of people having real factual opinion about the event and its perceived aftermath versus paranoia potentially based on bigger concerns regarding the island changing over the last few years.

We have tried to collate the facts about the event but obviously even these are subjective so we have tried to collate only those from people with first hand experiences of the event.

* Subjective on clean


  • Good publicity in local press stating event started at 18:00 (Note – no end time declared unlike previous years)
  • Good publicity on Social Media
  • Good publicity via posters 


  • Large turnout of Greeks and tourists (mostly British, German and Italian)
  • No major traffic issues
  • No trouble at event
  • The music was shutdown at 1:30AM by the police
  • The beach was cleaned* by 04:00AM (but people stayed on beach overnight)

The day afterwards

  • Reports from groups of people who walk beach every day of significant plastic waste on beach.
  • Photographs of rubbish (including bags used for coloured sand).
  • Comments from all indicating much rubbish had been collected overnight and was boxed awaiting disposal.

As with all things in life after anything that has caused an issue to be raised “blame” without learning is pointless! 
so those of us who look for continuous improvement firstly via “self reflection” then consideration of others perceptions, may consider these can be valid learning points and facts for future events.

Learning points

  • The event is successful and enjoyed by many people  for the last three years.
  • A publicised end time should be made public.
  • Very local accommodation should have a specific communication to it’s guests
  • Improved beach cleaning immediately after event
  • Sweep up team organised for first light on day afterwards
  • Visible communication with Wildlife Sense Kefalonia regarding interaction with turtles.

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