Waikiki Colour Party (video)


Gepostet von WAIKIKI am Freitag, 9. August 2019

source -FB post of Waikiki

Post article note

Whilst a significant number of people were having fun, their have been several reports of much litter being on the beach this morning and noise concerns late into the night, here is one comment from our readers

Any chance the noise pollution team could get themselves to Waikiki bar on Lourdas beach. It’s 2am and the police come, the music goes off and within 5 minutes it’s back on again. The lights on the ocean can’t be much good for the turtles nesting along this stretch either.

Lets hope the beach is cleaned early this morning and finally one turtle obviously wanted to party as a new nest has been discovered on Kinali this morning making a total this season so far of 26 between Lourdas, Kinala and Trapezaki beaches.

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