Walking in Kefalonia yesterday (pictures) more great ideas for your 2021 holiday

Some lovely pictures of a walk being done in Kefalonia yesterday by members of the “Kefalonia Exposed” group who are promoting  “extending the season both ends with the things that can be done here apart from beach“.

Here at The Kefalonia Pulse we totally support this initiative, Kefalonia has far more to offer than beaches and sun, for example the waterfalls you see will be dry before most people get to the island and whilst the area is still nice to explore it is far more spectacular with the water flowing.

Some other initiatives that are planned to happen this Summer include focus on gastro-tourism, Changing the guard ceremonies at the islands castles, focus on historic sites on the island, additional walking trails (sign posted) in southern Kefalonia and more cycling routes.



Source and more pictures

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