“Warning” Marousaki: October will close with dangerous weather

The weather will be good today, Wednesday 20/10, but also tomorrow. According to the meteorologist of OPEN, Klearchos Marousakis, in most areas there will be sunshine with the sole exception of some temporary local rains in the mountains of Crete the eastern mainland and the western Aegean.

However the scene will change from Friday afternoon as according to Klearchos Marousakis cold gas masses from the north will descend to our region and as they will meet the warm air of the Mediterranean and will form a barometric low which will give enough rain to the Ionian and western country on Saturday.
On Saturday, there will be initially intense phenomena in the Ionian Sea region, which will gradually expand to other parts of the country. As meteorologist Sakis Arnaoutoglou notes these phenomena will not be compared to last week’s rains however special attention needs to be paid to areas with saturated soil from the bad weather.
In fact, as he notes, the phenomena may locally have intensity while on Sunday this front of the new bad weather will gradually move further east and will affect most areas of the country with emphasis mainly on the western, central and northern parts.
The weather will not improve from the new week.
According to the latest forecast data available to the Open meteorologist from Monday a new barometer appears to be forming off the coast of Italy.
“The weather is getting heavier this barometric low will try to take on tropical characteristics.
So the last week of October will end with dangerous weather “, notes Mr. Marousakis.
The image below is a ventusky forecast for next Wednesday!!
Showing the wind speeds gusting at 70 MPH + at present tracking below Zakynthos

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