We continue our efforts to address all problems, ignoring misinformation, exaggeration and distortions

DEYA KEFALONIA informs consumers about the following following what happened on the island due to the unprecedented disaster:

  • Service crews have worked and continue to work to repair the damage to the water and sewerage networks that occurred.
  • The priorities in the restoration that were set, had to do with the size of the damages per area but also the restoration of the electricity supply by HEDNO.
  • The timely and efficient cleaning of the wells, carried out by DEYAK in recent weeks, prevented the worst in terms of catastrophic rainfall, as all water was absorbed at a rapid rate despite the huge amount of water that accumulated, as evidenced by the fact that all the roads dried up in no time.
  • On Saturday 19/9/2020 the restoration of the water supply in the city of Argostoli was completed and on the same day the desalination plant of Koutavos reopened.
  • On Sunday 20/9/2020, the water supply of Agia Efimia and the part of Assos, which had not been damaged, was completed and communal fountains were installed to serve the victims. The works in the specific areas will continue for the next period of time.
  • In the other areas, immediately after the restoration of the electricity supply by HEDNO, DEYAK crews restored the water supply. We believe that by the end of today, the island will be supplied with water with few exceptions, which have to do with the absence of electricity and the areas of part of Assos and part of Pylaros, where we have complete destruction of water supply networks.
  • Today, we are able, after 48 hours from the restoration of the operation of the desalination plant of Argostoli and after carrying out chemical – microbiological analyzes in an accredited laboratory, to inform the residents of the city of Argostoli that the water is drinkable again.

Consumers are kindly requested to inform the service of any individual damage that may have occurred in order to be rectified immediately.

We continue our efforts to address all the problems that have arisen from the most extreme weather event of rainfall in Kefalonia (cyclone “Ianos”), as already certified by the most official scientific stations, ignoring the misinformation, exaggerations and distortions that attempt purposes, while I personally and all the members of the Board thank all the staff of the service who gave and give with self-denial the really difficult struggle of repairing all the problems.

The president

  Spathis Stavros

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