“We fought with the waves for 6 hours!” – The shocking description of the lifeguard for the rescue by helicopter in Myrtos

Patras lifeguard Elias Papageorgopoulos dived into the waters of Myrtos, Kefalonia, with 7 beauforts to save a 25-year-old and they stayed there for 6 hours, fighting the waves.

“I had gone home after the end of our shift, until at 20:00 the team informed me that a young man was in danger in Myrtos. Immediately, we all went to the spot together drawing up the rescue plan. However, we saw that the young man, although caught by our floating devices, began to panic and could not manage the situation. On the other hand, it was forbidden for our boat to enter due to the 7 beauforts. “Immediately, I dived in and got close to him.”

This is what Elias says to tempo24, answering what he was thinking at that moment, when he dived at night in the stormy Myrtos.

“I knew my team would do anything to save us. I was sure that I would have the help I needed from the shore. We are well trained and prepared. My team, with great difficulty due to the waves, sent us a rope which saved us from hitting the rocks. the coast, acted as an anchor. Fortunately… “.

They fought with the waves for 6 hours

“The young man was not feeling well. I had to manage it. So I thought I’d talk to him about a lot of things. Until the conversation came about Olympiacos. The situation was difficult. The young man was nauseous. The sound of the waves did not let us hear anything… Until after six hours we saw the Navy helicopter in the sky “.

In the thoughts of the young lifeguard who had to save and be saved, was “My God do not give me what I can not stand… This I thought looking at the sky… And then I saw the lights of the helicopter… Redemption. Fortunately, everything is good for the man and for me “says Elias, answering in awe: ” Of course I would do it again. This is our job. That is why we are trained. To save people… ”.

source -newsit.gr

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