We had an unexpected visitor in Lourdas Bay this afternoon

It was nearing siesta time when all of a sudden there was a deep booming horn, all eyes out to sea and close to shore in Lourdas Bay was a container boat.

and he got closer and the horn kept booming out as he followed the shape of Lourdas Bay close in from the headland all the way around towards Spartia

Whilst its not unusual to sea oil tankers parked in the bay often for weeks at a time waiting for new orders or the commodity markets to change the site of a container ship (The Jaguar heading for Italy) so close in with a horn continuously sounding was attracting much attention from Sunset Bar and many other vantage spots in the surrounding villages..

photo source – FB of maria Thiakou

We have now been informed by some local friends this was a captain from Kefalonia potentially who had family in Spartia doing a traditional marine passby to honour his home island.



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