We must forget about economic flights if we wish to travel this year or take the Ryanair option and not fly at all under social distancing

Many airlines will remain licensed, according to the CEO of the global aviation association, IATA, Alexandre de Juniac, and this will boost ticket prices by at least 50%. As Mr. de Juniac points out, we need to forget about cheap flights.

Social distance on the plane means the end of cheap airline tickets, he points out. It is clear that the necessary distance regulations between passengers will result in a huge number of seats remaining vacant. 

These seats will need to be vacant and will not be available for booking.

According to Business Traveler, the CEO of IATA stated that the aircraft for small and medium routes will “lose” one third of their capacity for this reason.

To be able to afford cheap flights, you need at least 70-72% fullness. Under the new conditions, there are two options: Either airlines will continue to sell tickets at pre-crisis prices, which means they will suffer huge losses, so it is virtually impossible, or they will need to increase ticket prices for the corresponding product by at least 50 %.

Michael O’Leary: Ryanair refuses to vacate middle seats

The company’s CEO, Michael O’Leary, called the proposal “stupid” and said that if the regulations were in place, the business model of his company would be ruined and he would not be fired.

According to the Financial Times, we cannot have revenues with a capacity of 66%. Even if we do, middle ground does not offer social distancing, he said, so it is a stupid idea that achieves nothing.

Instead, Mr O’Leary argued that airlines in Europe should emulate those in Asia by imposing various safety measures, such as requiring passengers to wear masks or checking body temperature at airports.

The distance provided by the empty middle seat is by no means a social distance defined as a distance of 2 meters between passengers, and which is also impossible to apply elsewhere on the trip.

The carrier warns, in particular, the Irish government that if it imposes this regulation, then it will either have to pay for these seats, or the company will suspend flights.

Competitor EasyJet has said that flights with a social distance regulation will be possible in the medium term, as airlines will try to recover from the corona crisis.

Mr O’Leary predicts a return to normal passenger numbers by the summer of 2021, provided that a coronavirus vaccine is discovered by then.

source – tornosnews.gr

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