“We Stay Home, We Go Out Winners” New Campaign by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection


Athens, 08 April 2020

    As part of its coordinating role in tackling the spread of COVID-19 virus, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection is implementing the ” Stay Home, Come Out Winners ” information campaign .

   This new effort is part of the overall “Stay Home” campaign aimed at informing and raising public awareness about the new virus.

   In this direction, a new TV spot is being presented today, which highlights the offer of all those who work with more self-sacrifice to offer their services, but also to take care of the protection of those who stay at home – who in turn show perseverance. and patience.

    In a statement, the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection and Crisis Management, Nikos Hardalias stated that: “We stay home, we come out winners! Our new video for all the proud Greeks who are consistently trying! The unprecedented period we are going through has a role for all of us. A role that, if played properly, with sensitivity, but also with strength, will lead us to the end of this difficult path. In our homeland, we Greeks, with our attitude, become an example for the whole world, at a time when, unfortunately, traditional forces of the planet seemed unprepared for such a test. And this is what the General Secretariat for Civil Protection wants to highlight with its campaign. An imprint of reality, and at the same time a big thank you, to all of us who stand up to the circumstances and give our best to overcome the pandemic. With prudence and seriousness, with self-denial and courage, we all do what we have to do. Most of us are at home, out there, where we all need to be. Above all, it is a campaign that shows that when we stand together, we are capable of the best. And if we continue to do the right thing, it will not be long before we emerge from this great difficulty, and we will emerge victorious.! ”

Watch the video :

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