We will live with masks in confined areas & social distancing until a vaccine is available


Traffic ban: The keys to lifting the measures – The next steps of the citizens and the government

Charalambos Gogos, a professor of Infectious Diseases and Pathology at the University of Patras, spoke about when and how the lifting of traffic bans will begin .


As he stated, speaking to the main news bulletin of SKAI, the gradual lifting of the traffic ban is expected after the three days of May Day. “What we are doing is giving a 14-day period that is the incubation of the disease so that any dispersal or escape has been done through points, disease dispersal centers, over-transmission, etc. that happened a few days ago to consolidate this situation and be able to to escape. It is also the first three days of May Day and I think that immediately after that we will be able to start a process of measures that will aim to keep the benefit we have had so far from the measures that have been taken. That is, the protection of the health system that we managed and the protection of the sensitive groups “, Mr. Gogos explained.

“It simply came to our notice then. We have reached a point where we are counting a single-digit number of cases and so the Greek state is ready to take the next step which is the most difficult at the moment because it will show us how deep what is there at the moment is the low number of cases. asymptomatic, etc. in the community, “the professor said elsewhere.

The key points for lifting traffic bans for citizens
In fact, Mr. Gogos referred to the four key points for the lifting of the measures, and then spoke about the steps that the state will take.

  • Distance. We will live with it for as long as necessary. If the global flow of cases continues, it will remain until the vaccine is found.
  • Hand hygiene
  • No kisses and contacts so as to avoid transmission with droplets and mouth.
  • Masks when we are at a distance of less than 2 meters as well as anywhere there is congestion (in shops, in services, in transportation, cafes, etc.).

At the same time, Professor Charalambos Gogos explained that over-transmission takes place when we are indoors. “Initially, small shops will be opened and at the same time lifted traffic restrictions in the city, no travel, no transition from one place to another at least until the situation is resolved. These will have to do with parallel actions. There will always be a period of 14 days to see the result. To know that there has been no dispersal, “he said.

  • The steps of the state
    Immediate diagnosis in anyone who coughs or has a fever in order to reduce the incidence.
  • Sampling tests. They are even ready by bus to see how many people are immune.

“So if these 14-day results show that they are what we want, we will probably go further in June to lift the measures. Until then, we will have better treatment models and even if we have cases, we will be able to deal with them better “, the professor pointed out.

What will happen to schools and tourism?
Speaking about the opening of the schools, Mr. Gogos stated that it is a given that they will be opened for the 3rd Lyceum. It is recalled that the Minister of Education, Niki Kerameos, in her statements to SKAI, had underlined that the main priority of the Ministry of Education is the Panhellenic Games . “The aim is for the exams to start in June and be completed in July,” he said.

Finally, in terms of tourism, a lot will be judged by the decisions at European level on borders and air transport, but also by the number of hoteliers and owners of tourist accommodation who will take the risk to open their units.

 In any case, in islands where there are not enough health facilities, the operation of tourist accommodation will not be allowed immediately or even later in the summer. 

On the contrary, by the end of June at the latest – and possibly earlier – hotels will have opened in Athens and Thessaloniki, in the major urban centers and in the tourist areas where there are sufficient health facilities, hoping for the third quarter (July-September). and domestic tourism to limit as much as possible the damage from cancellations.

Source –  iefimerida.gr 

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