Weather: A cold front from the Arctic will drop the temperature 10 degrees! in parts of Greece next week

The weather is changing rapidly with the entrance in December. According to the temperature will drop to 10 degrees. And a new cold front from Wednesday, according to the Meteorological Service of the Observatory. Where the thermometer will fall below zero. See map and video about the cold invasion.

Cold and dry gaseous masses of Arctic origin, which are already affecting northern and central Europe, are rapidly moving east-south-east and are expected to cross the northern border of our country on Sunday.

This, according to the Athens National Observatory’s meteo meteo service, will bring temperatures down to 10 degrees in northern Greece over Saturday, with local low-level snowfall. Indeed, the latest forecasts show that the weather is becoming winter for good, as a new temperature drop is expected from Wednesday, which will be felt mainly in northern and central Greece.

More specifically, tomorrow in the Aegean are expected clouds that will be dense locally. Sunshine is expected in the rest of the country, but local clouds will gradually develop.

Local rains will occur in Thrace by morning and in the Aegean and mainly in Crete by noon, while midday local rainfall is expected in the Southern Peloponnese and Eastern Thessaly and Central Greece. Possibility of heavy snowfall, even in low altitude areas, exists in Thrace by morning and in Pelion by night.


The temperature in Western Macedonia will range from minus 4 to 7 degrees, the rest of Macedonia and Thrace minus one to 9, Thessaly from 4 to 13, the western continents from 5 to 18, the rest of the continents from 9 to 15, at the Ionian islands from 10 to 17, the islands of the North Aegean from 7 to 13, the islands of the rest of the Aegean from 13 to 17 (up to 19 to 20 in the Dodecanese) and Crete from 15 to 19.

The winds in the Aegean will blow from northern directions 5 to 7 and locally up to 8 in Central and North Aegean up to 8 beaufort, with attenuation of 1 to 2 beaufort by noon. In the Ionian, the winds will initially blow from north and northeast directions 2 to 4 and locally up to 5 beaufort in the afternoon but will become southeast 3 to 5 beaufort and especially in patraikos up to 6 beaufort.

Attica is expected to show sparse thunderstorms that will be denser from time to time, with potential for heavy local rain to the north of the county. The winds will blow from north to 4 to 6 beaufort with weakening by 1 to 2 beaufort. Temperatures in central Athens will range from 11 to 14 degrees.

Thunderstorms are expected in Thessaloniki, but in the afternoon, clouds will develop. The winds will initially blow from northwest directions 3 to 5 and range 5 to 7 beaufort, but will gradually weaken significantly and turn east to 3 beaufort. The temperature in the city center will range from 4 to 9 degrees.


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