Weather: After “Ballos” – What will be the name of this new bad weather system?

The National Meteorological Service (EMY) has taken care of the names that will bring the next severe weather phenomena that are expected to hit our country this winter.

With the beginning of Autumn and specifically at the end of September, EMY gave a total of 23 names in its bad weather are going to make their appearance in Greece. The first were those of “Athena” and “Ballos” , who actually swept the country from one end to the other, bringing a multitude of problems.

The next bad weather , which has been named in advance, is expected to be “Carmel”.

Athens, Ballos, Carmel, Diomedes, Elpis, Fuad, Genesis, Helios, Irit, Kalypso, Lavi, Meliti, Nikias, Ora, Paris, Raphael, Semeli, Thomas, Uranis, Vion, Xenios, Yasmin, Zefyros.

EMY in the Eastern Mediterranean Team

At the end of September, the National Meteorological Service (EMY) is proceeding, in cooperation with the Meteorological Services of Cyprus and Israel , to form a Group ( Eastern Mediterranean Group) , in order to name the meteorological systems that are expected to cause very strong phenomena. during the cold but also the warm period of the year.

The tripartite cooperation of the meteorological services of Greece (EMY), Cyprus (DoM) and Israel on issues of common interest is developed under the auspices of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) and the Network of European Meteorological Services (EIG-EUMETNET) consisting of 31 Members.

In addition, in addition to the Eastern Mediterranean Group, the following groups are being set up: (b) Western Europe by the National Meteorological Services of Ireland (Met Éireann), Great Britain (Met Office) and the Netherlands (KNMI), (c) Northern Europe by the National Meteorological Services of Norway (Met Norway), Sweden (SMHI) ) and Denmark (DMI), Central Europe by the National Meteorological Services of Germany (DWD), Austria (ZAMG), Switzerland (Meteo Swiss), Poland (IMGW), Czech Republic (CHMI), Slovakia (SHMU) and Hungary (OMSZ) , (d) Central Mediterranean by the National Meteorological Services of Italy (ItAF-ReMet), Slovenia (ARSO), Croatia (DHMZ),Northern Macedonia (NMHMS), Montenegro (IHMS) and Malta (Malta Meteorological Office).

Also under construction is the Northeast Europe Group, which will consist of the National Meteorological Services of Finland (FMI), Estonia (ESTEA), Latvia (LEGMC), Lithuania (LHMS), and Eastern Europe, which will consist of the national Meteorological Services of Bulgaria (NIMH), Romania (NMAR), Moldova (SHSM) and Serbia (RHMZ).

As EMY announced, it is the first time that through regional collaborations of the national Meteorological Services, which are the official meteorological support body of each country, Europe joins its forces , giving prestige to the information provided to the wider society and operating communicatively, thus putting the citizen on alert in order to protect his life and property.

The cooperation of EMY with the Meteorological Services of Cyprus and Israel, in the framework of the Eastern Mediterranean Group, consists in the weekly communication between the respective forecasting centers, in order to inform each other about weather issues in the region.

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