Weather – Bad weather “Ballos”: Extraordinary video conference of the Civil Protection

The weather will be even harsher as the bad weather “Ballos” is just around the corner. The whole state mechanism for dealing with dangerous weather phenomena is put on standby.

At a time when the weather is showing its teeth and the bad weather “Ballos” is threatening an extraordinary teleconference of the political leadership of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection was convened with the 13 Regions of the country.

The 13 Regional Governors the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Christos Stylianidis as well as the Deputy Minister Evangelos Tournas in the presence of the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection Lefteris Oikonomou the Secretary General of the Civil Protection Vassilios Phoebus Theodorou in view of the severe bad weather that is expected to hit the country in the next 24 hours.

During the teleconference the need for all stakeholders to be in a state of increased readiness and vigilance was emphasized in order to deal immediately with possible problems due to the bad weather.

During the meeting the Minister underlined that continuous coordination is required between the Regions and the Municipalities to take measures within their competence according to the integrated General Plan of Civil Protection actions to deal with risks from the occurrence of floods codenamed “Dardanos”.

Weather – Bad weather “Ballos”: Special attention at night

In this context, he noted that it is necessary for the local authorities to warn citizens living in areas where floods have occurred in the past to avoid basements and ground floors especially during the night and in the coming days.

Mr. Stylianidis underlined that the first priority is and remains the protection of human life while all the forces of the Civil Protection will be on alert and in full dispersion in order to ensure immediate intervention and assistance where needed in constant cooperation with the Greek Police  but also the Ministry of National Defense if his assistance is required.

He also stressed that constant communication and coordination is required between the Regions to address problems in neighboring areas while Municipalities are called to activate all forces and services available including the support mechanism from the private sector, e.g. project contractors and engineers to be ready to assist.

Immediately after the teleconference, followed a second meeting of the Deputy Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection, Evangelos Tournas with the six (6) Operations Coordinators and the 13 Regional Commanders of the Fire Brigade for the optimal coordination of all its forces and where and when required.

Weather – Bad weather “Ballos”: What to watch out for to stay safe

In view of the bad weather, we call on all citizens in the above areas to be very careful and to faithfully follow the following basic instructions:

  • Avoid any unnecessary movement during severe weather conditions and secure your doors and windows tightly, always keeping in mind in case of torrents to move to the highest points of the house.
  • If you are in areas that have been flooded in the past, avoid staying in basements, semi-basements and ground floors.
  • Do not cross torrents, streams or flooded roads for any reason, on foot or by vehicle.
  • Follow the relevant announcements in the media and faithfully follow the instructions of the Authorities.

We are on alert! We are on alert! We follow the instructions!

For more information and instructions for self-protection from severe weather phenomena, citizens can visit the website of the Ministry of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection at

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