Weather Forecast- Snow in Greece and Kefalonia tomorrow

Weather forecast by meteorologist Oresti Kappatos

On Wednesday 5/2/2020 , snowfall is forecast in the northern country, initially in mountainous areas and rapidly in areas of lower altitude. All over the Northern country. In Western, Eastern Macedonia, Thrace and Halkidiki. By the afternoon the snow will extend to the mountains of Epirus, Thessaly and Aitoloakarnania, to Sterea, to Boeotia from time to time, as well as to mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of the Peloponnese. And in the highlands of Thessaloniki it will snow, though I believe last year, snow invasions were stronger for areas within the city.
In the rest of the country, Wednesday will be more rainy, with storms in sea and coastal areas.

On Thursday 6/2/2020 in central and northern Greece, snowfall will be reduced and only the Thrace area will continue, but frost will prevail everywhere. Snowfalls will occur in the islands of the Northeast Aegean, in Sterea, in Boeotia from time to time, and if we are to be absolutely precise, in Euboea where the area will be severely affected, by this coming wave. Late Thursday afternoon, the snow will occasionally continue in Eastern Solidarity, Boeotia, as well as in the mountainous and semi-mountainous areas of Eastern and Central Peloponnese. But to clarify, we have also seen more difficult snowstorms for these areas.

On Friday 7/2/2020 , snow will fall in the mountains of Crete.

Attica. ON WEDNESDAY 5/2/2020 and Thursday Morning 06/02/2020 IT DOESN’T SNOW. I am categorical and let some new colleagues make another point. In the afternoon and early evening hours of 6/2/2020, snow will fall on all the surrounding mountains, in areas near the mountains and in the northern suburbs. But it is not the snowball of older years. It is clearly less intense. For the more central parts of the Basin, I would like to say that there may be some snowfall in areas further south of the Northern Suburbs, in the district of Ymittos and in Karea, but this snowfall will NOT come close to the historic 2002 snowstorm Byron’s main street. It is by no means the snow of January 2002, the famous Cicnipot 2004 (12/2/2004) and February 2008. It is very reminiscent of the snow of January 2019. It will also snow in Vilia, Kanza etc, but these areas have lived much worse. We will not see 15 points of snow in the Acropolis. In the center of the city and in seaside areas, snow will fall. And the cold, the cold. By the morning of Friday 7/2/2020, Athens will have left the snow area. A request to the Municipalities for timely announcement of the heated areas.

 For the winds as a general indication, Stormy northern winds (7 to 8 beauframes) will prevail everywhere on Thursday, with a tendency to step up in the Aegean and 9 beaufort.

Kefalonia (I don’t forget you …). Late in the afternoon of 5/2/2020 and by noon 6/2, snowfall will occur in mountainous areas, mainly. A repeat of last month’s snowstorm. But under no circumstances will the January 2017 snowstorm, which was then laid out for good, in Argostoli & Lixouri.

And something for fellow meteorologists. The cold air masses coming on Wednesday do not have the characteristics of polar gas masses that have come down from the Black Sea sometimes. This is captured at the level of 500 & 700 hpa. It also wants a lot of attention on how the Aegean effect snow phenomenon for Euboea and Attica appears on Thursday.

In closing I would like to emphasize that on 7/2, many areas will suffer, (frost and cold) but signs of improvement from the Northern and Central parts of the country will be evident. Armed with courage, wood, pellets, oil, and the best medicine, tsipouro, raki or savannah (they know in Cyprus) !!!!

Source – FB post Oresti Kappatos

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