Weather: “Ianos” is coming! Thunder Storms and Stormy Winds

The weather in our country is getting worse from tomorrow Thursday (17.09.2020), as the bad weather “Ianos” – the first of this autumn – will affect Greece due to an atmospheric disturbance in the Central Mediterranean region.

This disorder is expected to gradually increase significantly, according to the latest prognostic data of the National Observatory of Athens (EAA) /, as well as available prognostic models from other agencies.

Storms and stormy winds!

The main features of “Ianos”, as the bad weather meteo christened, will be the heavy rains, especially in the Ionian and southern parts of the country, the storms in places and the very stormy winds, especially in sea parts, where it may reach storm levels.


The scientists of the Observatory point out that due to the uncertainty of the forecasts during the transitional seasons and due to the current position of the atmospheric disturbance, as it is located above the sea, the trajectory that will follow over our country is not yet clear.

It is also not yet clear whether “Janos” will acquire tropical characteristics and meet the conditions to be classified as a Mediterranean Cyclone (barometric low known as Medicane from the union of the words Mediterranean and hurricanes), something that can not be ruled out.


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