Weather in Greece forecast to be going down to -8 next week


Dear friends and dear friends,

The latest predictions regarding the strong cold invasion i have informed you in the previous days for the last days of this month.

Specifically, according to the latest renewal of the European weather centre towards the end of the week polar gas mass will sweep a large part of Eastern Europe as it moves back south.

So it seems that through Ukraine part of it will also affect our country (Greece0) with the temperatures of-7 to-8 degrees Celsius in the lower layers of the atmosphere reaching Attica. The next few days will show whether this whole development will reach the Aegean with the main elements hitting eastern Greece to be affected in terms of phenomena including Attica.

From There onwards going further at the end of the month our global model continues to give strong descent of cold weather to much of Europe, affecting our country with temperatures below-10 degrees Celsius in the lower atmosphere.

Analyzing these facts my estimate is that the first cold period at the end of the week will open the way for stronger waves. As I mentioned such cold waves from the northern countries create explosive barometric lows as they meet hot seas. This seems to happen when they meet the Mediterranean.

This is why I continue to insist that there is an alert because the end of the month seems dangerous and I do not think that if these facts are verified, a last-minute update will be able to put citizens and state ready. This is why I insist with my posts several days ago but without being able to speak with exact dates since in the long-term forecast we see the trend of the weather and not more accurately what it will do and where.

Good luck to all and everyone and I will come back when I have new evidence at my disposal.

source -FB post of Marousakis Klearhos 

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