Weather in Kefalonia this week – Sunshine and potentially 30 C and slightly above

Rain, showers and thunderstorms during Sunday on our island with our station recording a maximum temperature of 23,8 and a minimum of 18,2 degrees Celsius with an average temperature of 20,9 degrees and it was the coldest day so far for this year September.
However, the weather in the coming days will show a different face as warmer air masses affect our area consistently mercury rises and is expected to reach 30 degrees Celsius again.
In fact, some first figures show a further rise in the temperature towards the weekend while winds will mostly blow from west-northwest addresses to 3-5 Beaufort.
End of mid-next week where we will also have an autumn equinox likely to be combined with some significant weather change.
For any development we will keep you updated constantly…..
Source – Kefalonia Weather

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