Weather – Ionian: Nearchos was the fifth cyclone from 2016 onwards

Cyclones are occurring more and more often in the Ionian, as “Nearchos” was from 2016 until today,

In fact four of the 5 (Trixie, Zenon, Xenophon, Ianos) influenced Greece with disastrous results.

According to, climatic studies show that this type of barometric low can occur throughout the Mediterranean basin with a frequency of about once or twice a year but since 2011 there has been no Mediterranean cyclone in the Western Mediterranean, ie west of Italy.

In addition, there has been an increase in the intensity of Mediterranean cyclones over the last decade according to studies which however gave their maximum occurrence in the Balearic Sea in Spain.

The scientific team of the National Observatory of Athens / participates in an international effort to study the Mediterranean cyclones and to publish a scientific definition of them as it does not currently exist. As meteo researchers point out the recent catastrophic effects of Mediterranean cyclones especially in our country show the urgent need for intensive study.

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