Weather – Klearchos Marousakis: The new bad weather will look like a Mediterranean cyclone

The weather of the whole week will be particularly unstable , while, according to the forecast of the meteorologist, Klearchos Marousakis, the intensity of the bad weather will be such that it will refer to a Mediterranean cyclone.

The meteorologist Klearchos Marousakis from Monday morning (11.10.2021) had spoken about a new wave of bad weather that is expected to hit the country at the end of the week. Later in the day, he returned with a new, more detailed post about the weather, talking about a “Mediterranean cyclone” with winds that are expected to exceed even 10 Beaufort.

Klearchos Marousakis notes that even if a Mediterranean cyclone is created, the intensity of the rain will reach dangerous levels, while extensive disasters are inevitable.

He states: 


The week that opens before us will pass with successive waves of bad weather, but the wave of bad weather that appears from Wednesday night onwards will be more intense.

As we see in our first map the very cold gases that are expected to move from the northern parts of Europe to the south (blue color), as they will interact with the warm waters of the Mediterranean will form a strong barometric low in the southern parts of Italy which is expected to move to our country.

Pressed by the high pressures further north, it will try to “imitate” the mechanism of creation of a Mediterranean cyclone. This will depend on the length of time that this barometric low will interact with the warm waters of the Ionian Sea and the central Mediterranean but also on the intensity of the cold gas mass that will feed it to the higher heights of the troposphere.

The second map shows the waves of rainfall – storms that are expected to accompany this barometric low while the “Eye” can be seen that may accompany this cyclonic flow.

In our third map we can see the wind speeds that this cyclonic flow will cause with the first elements wanting around the cyclonic center wind speeds that may exceed 10 Beaufort!

What we should all keep in mind regardless of whether a Mediterranean cyclone is formed or not is that a very severe bad weather is coming that in many areas will give very high rainfall levels capable of causing disasters and many problems.

We are in an era where our seas have accumulated large amounts of heat which in turn create great intensity in the weather.

It is difficult to pinpoint areas that will be affected or not, as small changes in the location of the bad weather system can alter hazard areas.

We will try in the coming days to have a picture of the trajectory of bad weather, but this is not absolute.

We prepare properly and stay constantly updated without panic !!!


Good morning to all and to all! ”

See the post of Klearchos Marousakis:

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