Weather: Major disasters in Ithaca from the bad weather “Ballos”

The bad weather “Ballos” that hits our country is also pounding Ithaca, creating big problems in Vathi.

Ithaca received huge amounts of rain from 4 pm on Thursday until 10 pm.

Speaking to ERT’s First Program, the mayor of the island, Dionysis Stanitsas, stated that there is damage.

In fact, as he said, sidewalks were broken so that the water could leave, while a battle was fought to free the residents.

An operation is already underway to clean wells. The torrential rain that hit the island, turned the main roads into torrents, while houses, shops and cars were flooded.

According to the Mayor, more than 40 houses and shops have been hit,

According to information, there are extensive damages in the road network of the island.

source – Stavros delas Dellaportas

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