Weather: Possible formation of a Mediterranean cyclone this Thursday (Medicane)- How it can affect Greece and Kefalonia

In warning of possible formation of Mediterranean cyclone in Central Mediterranean proceeded to prognosis of the weather , the meteorologist Klearchos Marousakis.

In a post on Facebook, the Open TV meteorologist cites the forecast data of models “that we got a while ago, where the barometric low that has been swirling in the sea area of ​​southern Italy for days, tends to take on tropical characteristics in the next few days” .

As he explains, “it is common at such a time that our seas are quite warm, barometric lows that interact for many days with the sea to acquire large amounts of energy and turbulence, taking the form of a cyclone which for our latitudes are characterized as Mediterranean cyclones because their limited extent in relation to the known cyclones created in the oceans. Otherwise, their other characteristics do not differ much. ”

The meteorologist also attaches a video, where one can watch “the predicted evolution of the creation of the Mediterranean cyclone that will approach our country on Thursday”.


As he stressed, “there is no need to worry, since these systems do not have large sea areas to maintain their cohesion. So up to the west coast of our country they can withstand like cyclones, but in the course they evolve like a barometric low “. At the same time, he noted that all this can change at any time, as “the era we are going through shows a very low predictability.”

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