Weather: Temperatures… Sahara! Mercury will reach 42 degrees

The weather will be… prohibitive for outdoor work and unnecessary movement today (03.08.2019) as the heatwave “intensifies” even more.

In most areas the temperature will reach 40 degrees Celsius, while in some areas it will even reach 42 degrees.


The temperature reaches 42 degrees

According to the meteo, light rain is expected in the north, gradually increasing in the northern continents with rains and thunderstorms mainly in the mountainous parts of Macedonia and Thrace, as well as very high temperatures on the continents.

Temperatures will range from 23 to 38 degrees in northern Greece, 26 to 40 degrees in Central and Southern Greece ( in Thessaly to 41-42 degrees Celsius ), 21 to 36 degrees in Western Greece (in the Western Solidarity) up to 37 – 38 degrees Celsius), 26 to 33 degrees in the Cyclades and up to 36 degrees in Crete, 26 to 35 degrees in the islands of the Eastern Aegean and the Dodecanese.

The winds will blow in the Central and North Aegean from weak southern directions to near moderate to 3-4 beaufort, which will gradually turn into northwestern Aegean strong northwest to almost stormy 6-7 beaufort, southwest -5 Beaufort and later powerful 6 Beaufort. In the Ionian, the winds will blow from variable patient directions and in the afternoon from northwest directions moderate 4-5 beaufort.

Attica and Thessaloniki

Sunshine and high temperatures are expected in Attica. The temperature will range from 27 to 37 degrees Celsius, but at the seaside the maximum will be 2-3 degrees lower. The winds will blow from variable patient directions, which in the evening will shift northwest to moderate 5-6 Beaufort strong.

Sunshine and heat, with clouds over the surrounding mountains in the hot hours of the day, are expected on Saturday and in Thessaloniki. The temperature will range from 22 to 35 degrees Celsius. The winds in Thermaikos will be blowing from the south directions ill and temporarily moderately 4 beaufort, which from evening hours will shift to northwestern moderate to strong 5-6 beaufort, with increasing tendency.

Risk of fire

According to the Fire Risk Forecasting Map issued by the General Secretariat for Civil Protection of the Ministry of Citizen Protection (, there is a very high risk of fire (risk category 4) for the following areas:

· Region of Thessaly (Larissa, Magnesia)

· Region of Central Greece (Fthiotida, Fokida, Boeotia, Euboea)

· Region of Attica (including the island of Kythera)

· Region of Peloponnese (Laconia)

The General Secretariat for Civil Protection ( of the Ministry of Citizen Protection has informed the relevant government departments involved, as well as the Regions and Municipalities of the above areas, to be on an increased level of civil protection to respond promptly. Fire episodes.

At the same time, the General Secretariat for Civil Protection recommends that citizens be extremely careful and avoid actions in the countryside that can cause a fire of negligence, such as the burning of dry grasses and branches or debris, the use of spark-ignition machines such as discs, , using outdoor barbecues, bee smoking, throwing lit cigarettes, etc.

It is also recalled that during the fire season the burning of the fields is prohibited.

Sakis Arnaoutoglou forecast for hot winds

The high risk of fires can also be seen from the forecast of meteorologist Sakis Arnaoutoglou, who talks about very hot winds.

Mέγιστες εντάσεις ανέμων έως και την Τρίτη!Εντύπωση προκαλούν οι πολύ θερμοί δυτικοί – νοτιοδυτικοί άνεμοι που αναμένονται το Σάββατο στα ηπειρωτικά ορεινά κυρίως τμήματα της χώρας ενώ από την Κυριακή θα επικρατήσουν κατα τόπους ισχυροί βοριάδες!Κάντε κλικ στο βίντεο για να δείτε τις μέγιστες εντάσεις των ανέμων διαβάζοντας προσεκτικά την επεξήγηση στον τίτλο!Με εκτίμησηΣάκης Αρναούτολγου

Gepostet von Σάκης Αρναούτογλου Sakis Arnaoutoglou am Freitag, 2. August 2019

Weather today in detail

In the north initially cloudy weather but by noon cloud will develop and local rains and temporary thunderstorms will occur which will be heavy in places in central, eastern Macedonia and Thrace. The rest of the areas are generally cloudy.

Temperatures will be high and Thessaly, Fthiotida, Boeotia and eastern Peloponnese will reach 40-41 and possibly 42 degrees Celsius in Thessaly.

The southwest winds will be northwest 4 to 6 beaver. The rest will blow from southern directions 3 to 4, turning from afternoon to northwest 4 to 5 beaufort with further reinforcement at night.

Weather: Initially cloudy but by noon clouds will develop and showers and occasional thunderstorms that will be severe in places in central, eastern Macedonia and Thrace. Improvement at night. 
Winds: Variable 3 to 4 and in the afternoon gradually northwest 5 to 6 beaufort. 
Temperature: 21 to 38 degrees Celsius. In western Macedonia 2 to 3 points lower.

Weather: Generally clear. 
Winds: Southwest southwest 3 to 5 turning midday to west northwest 5 to 6 beaufort. 
Temperature: From 23 to 37 and 38 degrees Celsius. In Epirus by 2 to 3 degrees lower.

Weather: Generally patio. In the afternoon and afternoon, local clouds will develop and temporary rainstorms may occur in the highlands of Thessaly. 
Winds: From west 4 to 6 beaufort. 
Temperature: From 24 to 40 ° C and 41 ° C and probably in Thessaly 42 ° C.

Weather: Clear. 
Winds: From west 4 to 6 and south after noon locally up to 7 beaufort. 
Temperature: From 25 to 34 and in Crete locally up to 37 degrees Celsius.

Weather: Clear. 
Winds: From west 3 to 4 and southwest 5 to 6 beaufort. 
Temperature: From 23 to 37 degrees Celsius.

Weather: Generally clear. Temporary clouds in the midday and afternoon hours. 
Winds: Variable 3 to 4 and gradually after midday 5 to 6 beaufort. 
Temperature: From 23 to 39 degrees Celsius. At the seaside the maximum is 2 to 3 degrees lower.

Weather: Generally clear. From noon, clouds will develop and local rainstorms and isolated storms will occur. Improvement in the evening. 
Winds: Variable 3 to 4 and northwest 5 to 6 beaufort. 
Temperature: 24 to 36 degrees Celsius.

The weather tomorrow Sunday 04-08-2019

Weather: Transient clouds in eastern Macedonia, Thrace and the northern Aegean islands and, by noon, local rainstorms. In the rest of the country generally cloudy weather with occasional clouds at noon and afternoon on the continents. 
Winds: Northwest 4-6 km. 
The temperature will fall.


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