Weather: The “Antinoos” comes with storms, hail and strong winds

The “Antinoos” comes to spoil the holidays of those who had chosen to enjoy the beaches these days and they hit the summer weather . This is the name given by meteorologists to the new wave of bad weather.

The cold air masses in the middle and upper atmosphere moving towards our country will result in prevailing conditions of intense instability and the formation of bad weather “Antinos”, says the weather, the meteorological service of the National Observatory of Athens.

On Tuesday the most dangerous weather phenomena

After the problems caused by the bad weather on Saturday night in Achaia and Aitoloakarnania , the weather will not show again his summer face. “Antinoos” will affect many regions of the country with strong rains and storms. The phenomena will be accompanied locally by hailstorms and very strong winds. The most powerful and most dangerous weather events will be on Tuesday (16/7), according to forecasts.

Video: Where the bad weather will hit

The weather video shows rainfall expected from Sunday afternoon to Wednesday night.

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