Weather: This is how the next winter storm will Ektoclis will impact locally [Maps]

From today (13.12.2019) the night will change, as the new weather “Etoocles” will arrive in our country.
According to the meteo of the National Observatory of Athens, the barometric low that is expected to be created during today’s day in the Adriatic will move rapidly southeast to our country, and will start to affect it tonight.

Rain will initially occur in the Ionian and western continents, which will extend overnight to the rest of the continents, and will primarily be found in the eastern and southern continents and in the Aegean by morning. Thunderstorms are mainly expected in marine and coastal areas. Snowfall will occur until Saturday morning 14/12 in the mountainous but also in the semi-mountainous areas of the western and northwestern continents.

Significant rainfall forecast for Kefalonia from today

The winds will show significant but temporary enhancement during Saturday (14.12.2019), and will blow from southern directions in the Aegean to 9 and possibly localities in the Central and Northern Aegean to 10 beaufort. In the Ionian, the winds will quickly shift from southwest to northwest and will reach 8 and temporary in time 9 beaufort.

Significant wind blowing up to Beaufort 9 near the coasts of  Kefalonia from later today


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