Weather update – Rain and Thunder expected to be locked into the Ionian Sea area

After the vertical drop that the temperature has shown in our country in recent days reminiscent of normal Winter at night and early morning, the weather will try to harmonize with the calendar that wants more rain than so cold. This will happen through organized bad weather that will try to find its way to our country moving southeast as it is already in central Europe as we can see on the map of barometric systems.
Two atmospheric mountains are the ones that have been defining atmosphere traffic over the Elder Epirus for many days. From the western parts of Europe, a warm atmosphere mountain (thermos anti-cyclone) rises, respectively, a cold atmospheric mountain (cold anticyclone). Mountains in the atmosphere show slow motion – time modification and this is also the reason (in line with the position they have taken) for the upbringing in many parts of the country or even the early winter weather scenery especially in the east and north geographically apartments. The combination of these two atmospheric mountains is a planetary wave in the upper atmosphere.
According to the latest predictions, however, a bad weather (barometric low) from northwestern Europe will manage to ′′ trick ′′ the warm atmosphere mountain and actually moving quite quickly will catch the hot mountain from western Europe and therefore will be able to open the road to reach our country. On its way, however, he will meet the cold mountain to the northeast parts of Europe and will be forced into the Adriatic, Italy and the Ionian Sea region. He will stay in there for several days getting power supply from the combination of cold air moving as it combines with the cold mountain northeast with the hot sea waters of these geographical apartments (second map).
The process we described above will cause severe bad weather and lasting in many parts of our country.
On our third map of coloring we can see high heights of rain expected (either in the form of heavy rainfall, storms or even medium intensity of long lasting rainfall).
The areas to be ′′ tested ′′ by this wave of bad weather as everything shows will be the Ionian, west, central and less north continental. The more east and south we are, the milder the weather will be, with the exception of the eastern continents from the western northwestern Aegean, where due to convergence of air streams will also manifest intense phenomena or phenomena with a duration of less tension.
Closing to stress that because this is a wave of bad weather that will show a long enough time, it is best to be updated continuously as minor deviations in the position of the barometer low can change the radius of the dangerous weather.
Have a great day and pay attention!!!

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