Webex – Distance Education: How to evaluate students for the first four months

Circular on the evaluation of secondary school students, sent to all schools by the Ministry of Education

In the midst of  lockdown  and  distance learning  via  webex  of  students  in  high schools  and  lyceums  of the country, the  Ministry of Education  informs how the evaluation of students for the first four months will be done  .

According to the circular, which was sent to all schools in the country,  in the High School  for the evaluation of the student, his total participation in the learning process is taken into account, from which the teacher forms an image for the knowledge, the understanding of concepts and phenomena, the skills. problem solving, communication skills, critical thinking, creativity, etc., the tasks that the student performs in the context of the daily learning process at school or at home, individually or in groups, the synthetic creative tasks, individual or group, the interdisciplinary tasks , the hourly written tests and the short written tests (tests).

In the General Lyceum,  according to the evaluation of the student for four months, the teacher takes into account his participation in the teaching learning process, his diligence and interest in the specific subject, his performance in the written tests, the work he performs in school or in home. If any of the above data is missing, the oral grade of the four months is formed after taking into account the existing data.

Evaluation in vocational high schools

In  vocational schools  to evaluate the account participation in the educational process, the diligence and interest in this course, the work prepared at home or at school, service in the interim written, practical and oral tests, optional creative work of students and the file of educational performance and activities of each student where he is kept, while, if any of the above data are missing, the oral grade of four months is formed by taking into account the existing data.

In addition, distance learning teachers are encouraged to use  all appropriate means of conducting written examinations  and sending student assessment questions and answers electronically, as well as:

  • The tool “Exercises” from the electronic classroom –  e-class , which includes topics for automatic grading, development issues (free text) and issues of combination of automatic grading and development (free text).
  • The tool “Assignments” from the electronic classroom –  e-class : submission by students of answer files with a specific deadline and time of submission during the lesson.
  • The e-me assignments tool of the e-me platform: Creating and assigning tasks.
  • The e-portfolio tool of the e-me platform: Organization and promotion of student work.
  • The “e-me content” application of the e-me platform: Creation of digital educational content for the development of various types of interactive learning objects.
  • The polling tool of the webex platform  .

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