Weekly update– Regular Synopsis of Covid19 related issues impacting Kefalonia life





  • The traffic restriction curfew has been extended until 27th April
  • A new 10306 number has been created as a helpline the telephone line of psychosocial has been put into operation by the Ministry of Health and EKPA. The helpline offers a window of dialogue, advice and hope and enables people with mental health issues, such as pathological anxiety, fear, panic, to talk, support and get closer to solving the problem.
  • As part of the effort to organize and systematize the solidarity actions against the pandemic, two new online platforms were created by the Ministry of Interior, in collaboration with KEDE. These are
    • citysolidarity.gov.gr (Specifically, will collect food, medicine, basic necessities, as well as services including creative employment and entertainment activities for citizens).
    • animalSolidarity. gov.gr. (Food and veterinary care services will be provided for stray and dominant animals, whose owners find it difficult to care for them).
  • The anticipated stricter measures regarding traffic movement have not been officially announced yet, please note if implemented it will be SMS ONLY for most people as this will be used to control both duration and number of trips per day restrictions, therfore ensure you have a Greek SIM! 
  • Great work is being done by many people including FLIK purchase of monitoring equipment for the hospital and Donna’s crowdfunding for a ventilator which has now surpassed its original target and has reached over €9,600
  • The Argostoli municipality has installed feeding stations for stray animals 
  • Basic online education is now running via daily broadcasts on ERT2 and internet websites whist the children are not as school.
  • The region (ΠΙΝ) are now issuing daily concise reports to provide citizens with information on several issues for the Ionian islands (example). 
  • Guidance on use of masks by people who have no symptoms, Mr. Tsiodras said that there is no need for a mask in the open, while he did not rule out the possibility of issuing a relevant European directive on closed spaces in the coming days. As he explained, “the big problem arises with asymptomatic patients and whether they participate without any symptoms in the spread of the disease.” He explained that this was the reason why American scientists “recommended the optional, not the obligatory use of a mask, the improvised fabric mask, and not the medicine intended for healthcare”.The improvised mask, as Mr. Tsiodras said, can be replaced by the use of a scarf or sweater in places where there is congestion, but according to the instructions it should not exist when the distances between us are observed. However, he said that these improvised masks “need special attention as they use 40% to 90% of the droplets can be trapped in the fabric of the mask we wear to protect against the virus and its incorrect removal can increase the chances of becoming infected with the virus. ”

    This means, as he explained, that if one is healthy, in an effort not to become infected, it can increase the chances of infection. The issue has also been raised with the Greek Committee of Infectious Diseases Specialists, which will give its opinion in the coming days. However, Mr. Tsiodras reiterated that based on our data on the course of the epidemic, it does not appear that the recommendations are currently being changed.



  • SMS to 13033 can only be done via phones with Greek SIMS, if you don’t have one use paper forms.
  • Taxisnet is being used for more controls at present, it is better that you have direct access NOT via your accountant only ,so ensure you have the passwords.
  • We should not base our social isolation decisions in Kefalonia on the reported ‘no cases’ we should assume there are cases but they have not been identified yet as testing numbers are low and advice is to self isolate unless you have certain symptoms.
  • If your phone did not get last nights 112 emergency broadcast ensure your software has been updated since December 2019.
  • If you go as a group (couple)  to the supermarket only one of you will be allowed in the store
  • Ensure you have your residence pass with you to assist in proving your not a new arrival who should be self isolating. There have now been reported cases of British being stopped by the police and asked about their recent travel history.
  • The new supermarket hours are 
    • Weekdays: 7.00 am to 9.00pm
    • Saturday:   7.00 am to  8.00pm
    • Closed on Sundays
    • In your local area feeding animals can be done as part of B6 exercise
    • The Exemption Certificate of Movement, case B1 for a doctor’s visit, the certificate also applies to a visit to a veterinarian.
    • two young children can be in a car with a parent (5 passenger car)
    • Movement forms have now been officially issued in English


A live map and details on cases can be found here



2 thoughts on “Weekly update– Regular Synopsis of Covid19 related issues impacting Kefalonia life

  • April 5, 2020 at 9:04 am

    excellent report thank you.
    you may want to check the car statement though, think it s a driver and one passenger only for normal 5 seated cars

    • April 5, 2020 at 11:23 am

      Thanks for the feedback, agree it is one driver and passenger for normal 5 seater car and will clarify for emergency situation it is OK for 1 parent and two children.


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